Image of Stupa, Jinta Temple

Stupa, Jinta Temple

Object Use: Religious
Material: Bronze | Cotton | Silk | Stone | Wood
Cultural Region: Amdo
Date Range: 16th
Size: 16' tall?
Source: Private Collection (Gray Tuttle)
Notes: This combined stupa and incense burner are in a Chinese style and give the name Gold Stupa Temple (Jinta si) to this Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Chinese provincial capital of Xining. Although the combined stupa and incense burner appear to be made of bronze or some other non-precious metal, it was probably once covered in gold-leaf. Note the mix of Chinese and Tibetan material culture, such as the Chinese 'fu' dogs with their heads tied in Tibetan kata scarves, the Tibetan Lantsa script and deer and wheel emblems alongside the Chinese symbol for longevity.

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